Yoshi's Movie Watching Log

Most Movies Watched in a Month 30 (01/2012)
Least Movies Watched in a Month1 (10/2012, 06/2015, 03/2016)
Most Movies Watched in a Day 3 (2016/05/22, 2016/01/31, 2015/10/21, 2015/05/30, 2014/06/25, 2013/05/15, 2013/01/21, 2012/08/31, 2012/03/04, 2012/01/25)
Movies Watched by Year 2016: 73, 2015: 59,2014: 63, 2013: 69, 2012: 126
0/10 = Worst, 1/10 = Horrendous, 2/10 = Very Poor, 3/10 = Significantly Below Average, 4/10 = Below Average, 5/10 = Average
6/10 = Above Average, 7/10 = Significantly Above Average, 8/10 = Great, 9/10 = Amazing, 10/10 = Best
2017/10/16 The Cube 2017/10/15 The Babysitter 2017/09/30 Jerry Before Seinfeld 2017/09/19 London Has Fallen 2017/09/10 The Impossible 2017/08/19 Amy 2017/08/12 The Wave 2017/08/07 Hawksaw Ridge 2017/07/31 My Scientology Movie 2017/07/22 War Machine 2017/07/04 Moana 2017/06/10 10 Cloverfield Lane 2017/06/03 Everybody Wants Some 2017/06/03 Safety Not Guaranteed 2017/06/03 The Lego Movie 2017/05/27 The Interview 2017/05/27 Office Space 2017/05/27 Knocked Up 2017/05/21 Prometheus 2017/05/20 Alien: Covenant 2017/05/08 Home 2017/05/06 Cool Runnings 2017/05/03 The Secret Life of Pets 2017/04/30 The Discovery 2017/04/20 The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared 2017/03/22 Finding Dory 2017/03/07 Sausage Party 2017/02/28 Magnus 2017/02/22 The Jungle Book
04012017/02/14Fifty Shades Darker 2017James Foley 3.0 Yes
04002017/02/12World of Tomorrow 2015Don Hertzfeldt 6.5
03992017/02/02Nocturnal Animals 2016Tom Ford 8.0
03982017/01/29The Big Lebowski 1998Joel & Ethan Coen 10Yes
03972017/01/24La La Land 2016Damien Chazelle 8.5
03962017/01/20Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016Gareth Edwards 8.5 Yes
03952017/01/15Casino 1995Martin Scorsese 9.0Yes
03942017/01/15Mad Max: Fury Road 2015George Miller 9.5Yes
03932017/01/14Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2008Nicholas Stoller 6.5Yes
03922017/01/07Inception 2010Christopher Nolan 10 Yes
03912016/12/31Lights Out 2016David Sanberg & Jose G. Ramos 6.0
03902016/12/26Keanu 2016Peter Atencio 7.0
03892016/12/26Steve Jobs 2015Danny Boyle 7.5
03882016/12/25The Magnificent Seven 2016Antoine Fuqua 5.5
03872016/12/19Fight Club 1999David Fincher 10Yes
03862016/12/18The Hangover 2009Todd Phillips 7.0Yes
03852016/12/16The Lobster 2016Yorgos Lanthimos 7.5
03842016/11/27X-Men Apocalypse 2016Bryan Singer 6.0
03832016/11/21This is 40 2012Judd Apatow 7.5Yes
03822016/11/20Race 2016Stephen Hopkins 6.5
03812016/11/13Inglourious Basterds 2009Quentin Tarantino 10Yes
03802016/11/11Edge of Tomorrow 2014Doug Liman 7.0Yes
03792016/11/06A Beautiful Mind 2001Ron Howard 10Yes
03782016/10/31Final Destination 2000James Wong 6.0
03772016/10/23Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 1987John Hughes 7.5Yes
03762016/10/19Hail, Caesar! 2016Joel & Ethan Coen 6.5
03752016/10/19The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993Tim Burton 7.5Yes
03742016/10/16The Girl on the Train 2016Tate Taylor 7.0
03732016/10/02The Nice Guys 2016Shane Black 5.5
03722016/09/24Hit and Run 2012Dax Shepard & David Palmer 5.5Yes
03712016/09/21No Country for Old Men 2007Joel & Ethan Coen 9.0Yes
03702016/09/1322 Jump Street 2014Phil Lord & Chris Miller 6.5Yes
03692016/09/07American History X 1998Tony Kaye 9.0Yes
03682016/08/27Straight Outta Compton 2015F. Gary Gray 7.5
03672016/08/21Up 2009Pete Docter 9.0Yes
03662016/08/21The Aviator 2004Martin Scorsese 8.5Yes
03652016/08/20Mean Girls 2004Mark Waters 8.0Yes
03642016/08/17Vacation 2015John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein7.5
03632016/08/14Forrest Gump 1994Robert Zemeckis 10Yes
03622016/08/09The Punk Singer 2013Sini Anderson 8.0
03612016/08/04Bad Moms 2016Jon Lucas & Scott Moore 7.0 Yes
03602016/07/25The Wrestler 2008Darren Aronofsky 8.0Yes
03592016/07/08The Secret Life of Pets 2016Chris Renaud & Yarrow Cheney 6.5 Yes
03582016/07/03Independence Day 1996Roland Emmerich 9.5Yes
03572016/07/03Sisters 2015Jason Moore 6.0
03562016/06/25Role Models 2008David Wain 8.0Yes
03552016/06/12The Wolf of Wall Street 2013Martin Scorsese 8.0Yes
03542016/06/12Moneyball 2011Bennett Miller 8.5Yes
03532016/06/05The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2004Wes Anderson 5.0
03522016/06/04The Birdcage 1996Mike Nichols 7.5
03512016/06/03The Social Network 2010David Fincher 9.0Yes
03502016/06/02American Pie 2 2001J. B. Rogers 5.0Yes
03492016/05/26Bad Santa 2003Terry Zwigoff 8.0Yes
03482016/05/22Pineapple Express 2008David Gordon Green 7.0Yes
03472016/05/22A Knight's Tale 2001Brian Helgeland 8.5Yes
03462016/05/22Role Models 2008David Wain 8.0Yes
03452016/05/21Jurassic World 2015Colin Trevorrow 6.0Yes
03442016/05/21Goodfellas 1990Martin Scorcese 9.0Yes
03432016/05/1550 Shades of Grey 2015Sam Taylor-Johnson 2.0Yes
03422016/05/15Cry-Baby 1990John Waters 7.5Yes
03412016/05/14The Witch 2015Robert Eggers 3.5
03402016/05/05Fight Club 1999David Fincher 10 Yes
03392016/05/01The Matrix 1999The Wachowski Brothers 9.0Yes
03382016/04/30Big 1988Penny Marshall 8.0Yes
03372016/04/17What About Bob? 1991Frank Oz 8.0Yes
03362016/04/16Back to the Future Part II 1989Robert Zemeckis 9.5Yes
03352016/04/10Trumbo 2015Jay Roach 8.0
03342016/04/10Mad Max: Fury Road 2015George Miller 9.5Yes
03332016/03/08Deadpool 2016Tim Miller 9.5YesYes
03322016/02/24Creed 2015Ryan Coogler 7.0
03312016/02/21Spectre 2015Sam Mendes 5.5
03302016/02/19The Night Before 2015Jonathan Levine 8.5
03292016/02/18Deadpool 2016Tim Miller 9.5 Yes
03282016/02/15Inside Out 2015Pete Doctor 10
03272016/02/1450 Shades of Grey 2015Sam Taylor-Johnson 2.0
03262016/02/06The Danish Girl 2015Tom Hooper 7.0
03252016/01/31Jackass: The Movie 2002Jeff Tremaine 7.0Yes
03242016/01/31Jackass 3.5 2011Jeff Tremaine 7.0Yes
03232016/01/31Room 2015Lenny Abrahamson 9.0
03222016/01/29The Blind Side 2009John Lee Hancock 9.0Yes
03212016/01/19Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens 2015J. J. Abrams 10 YesYes
03202016/01/14Carol 2015Todd Haynes 7.0
03192016/01/05The Hateful Eight 2015Quentin Tarantino 5.5 Yes
03182016/01/03The Revenant 2015Alejandro González Iñárritu 7.5
03192016/01/02Inception 2010Christopher Nolan 10 Yes
03182015/12/31Superbad 2007Greg Mottola 8.5Yes
03172015/12/31Spotlight 2015Tom McCarthy 8.0
03162015/12/30The Big Short 2015Adam McKay 9.5
03152015/12/29Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi 1983Richard Marquand 8.5Yes
03142015/12/25Joy 2015David O. Russell 6.5 Yes
03132015/12/17Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens 2015J. J. Abrams 10 Yes
03122015/12/12Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 1980Irvin Kershner 9.5Yes
03112015/12/12Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 1977George Lucas 9.0Yes
03102015/11/27The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 2015Francis Lawrence 4.0 Yes
03092015/11/16Skyfall 2012Sam Mendes 7.5Yes
03082015/11/10Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 2015Alfonso Gomez-Rejon 8.0
03072015/11/09Gone Girl 2014David Fincher 9.5Yes
03062015/11/03Bridge of Spies 2015Steven Spielberg 9.0 Yes
03052015/10/26The Gift 2015Joel Edgerton 7.5
03042015/10/25The End of the Tour 2015James Ponsoldt 7.5
03032015/10/24Spy 2015Paul Feig 6.0
03022015/10/23Everest 2015Baltasar Kormákur 8.0
03012015/10/21Back to the Future Part III 1990Robert Zemeckis 9.0Yes
03002015/10/21Back to the Future Part II 1989Robert Zemeckis 9.5YesYes
02992015/10/21Back to the Future 1985Robert Zemeckis 10 YesYes
02982015/10/06The Martian 2015Ridley Scott 7.5 Yes
02972015/09/10Shaun the Sheep Movie 2015Richard Starzak & Mark Burton 7.0
02962015/09/08The Dark Knight Rises 2012Christopher Nolan 8.5Yes
02952015/09/03Pulp Fiction 1994Quentin Tarantino 10 Yes
02942015/09/01Love & Mercy 2015Bill Pohlad 9.0
02932015/08/22Django Unchained 2012Quentin Tarantino 10 Yes
02922015/08/15Enough Said 2013Nicole Holofcener 5.0
02912015/08/10The Big Lebowski 1998Joel & Ethan Coen 10 Yes
02902015/08/04Trainwreck 2015Judd Apatow 6.0 Yes
02892015/08/01The Wolf of Wall Street 2013Martin Scorsese 8.0Yes
02882015/07/30WALL-E 2008Andrew Stanton 10 Yes
02872015/07/09American Beauty 1999Sam Mendes 10 Yes
02862015/06/12Jurassic World 2015Colin Trevorrow 6.0 Yes
02852015/05/31The Departed 2006Martin Scorsese 9.0Yes
02842015/05/31Source Code 2011Duncan Jones 8.5Yes
02832015/05/30The Babadook 2014Jennifer Kent 2.0
02822015/05/30The Wizard 1989Todd Holland 6.0
02812015/05/30Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000Ang Lee 6.0
02802015/05/26Moon 2009Duncan Jones 8.0Yes
02792015/05/26Locke 2013Steven Knight 6.5
02782015/05/25Snowpiercer 2013Bong Joon-ho 8.0
02772015/05/25Blue Ruin 2014Jeremy Saulnier 6.0
02762015/05/19Reservoir Dogs 1992Quentin Tarantino 8.5Yes
02752015/05/18American Psycho 2000Mary Harron 6.5Yes
02742015/05/15Mad Max: Fury Road 2015George Miller 9.5 Yes
02732015/05/10Couples Retreat 2009Peter Billingsley 5.0
02722015/05/08Whiplash 2014Damien Chazelle 6.0
02712015/04/26From Russia with Love 1963Terence Young 5.0
02702015/04/25Before Sunrise 1995Richard Linklater 5.0
02692015/03/29Gone Baby Gone 2007Ben Affleck 5.0
02682015/03/05Edge of Tomorrow 2014Doug Liman 7.0
02672015/03/05300 2006Zack Snyder 6.0Yes
02662015/03/01The Fountain 2006Darren Aronofsky 6.5Yes
02652015/02/23American Sniper 2014Clint Eastwood 3.0
02642015/02/23Foxcatcher 2014Bennett Miller 6.0
02632015/02/21Fury 2014David Ayer 5.5
02622015/01/23Wild 2014Jean-Marc Vallée 6.5
02612015/01/16Birdman 2014Alejandro González Iñárritu 4.0
02602015/01/11Inherent Vice 2014Paul Thomas Anderson 3.0
02592015/01/10The Imitation Game 2014Morten Tyldum 9.5 Yes
02582014/12/28Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981Steven Spielberg 5.0
02572014/12/27The Way Way Back 2013Nat Faxon & Jim Rash 6.0
02562014/12/27The Interview 2014Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg 5.0
02552014/12/25The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 2014Peter Jackson 3.0 Yes
02542014/12/23Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 1992Chris Columbus 6.5Yes
02532014/12/16Horrible Bosses 2 2014Sean Anders 6.0
02522014/12/05Nightcrawler 2014Dan Gilroy 6.5
02512014/12/02Chef 2014Jon Favreau 5.0
02502014/11/3028 Days Later 2002Danny Boyle 5.0
02492014/11/30Neighbors 2014Nicholas Stoller 5.0
02482014/11/28The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 2014Francis Lawrence 5.0 Yes
02472014/11/26The Theory of Everything 2014James Marsh 8.5 Yes
02462014/11/08Interstellar 2014Christopher Nolan 9.0 Yes
02452014/11/07The Birds 1963Alfred Hitchcock 5.5
02442014/11/02Wish I Was Here 2014Zach Braff 6.5
02432014/11/02The Notebook 2004Nick Cassavetes 8.0Yes
02422014/11/01Requiem for a Dream 2000Darren Aronofsky 10Yes
02412014/10/31Zodiac 2007David Fincher 5.5
02402014/10/30Gone Girl 2014David Fincher 9.5 Yes
02392014/10/15Rush Hour 3 2007Brett Ratner 6.0Yes
02382014/09/24Jodorowsky's Dune 2014Frank Pavich 8.5
02372014/09/23Forrest Gump 1994Robert Zemeckis 10Yes
02362014/09/21The Hangover 2009Todd Phillips 7.0Yes
02352014/09/11Boyhood 2014Richard Linklater 9.0 Yes
02342014/09/10Volcano 1997Mick Jackson 3.0Yes
02332014/09/10The Shawshank Redemption 1994Frank Darabont 10Yes
02322014/08/24Sin City 2005Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez 6.5Yes
02312014/08/03Guardians of the Galaxy 2014James Gunn 6.5 Yes
02302014/08/0220 Feet From Stardom 2013Morgan Neville 4.5
02292014/07/30WALL-E 2008Andrew Stanton 10Yes
02282014/07/25The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz2014Brian Knappenberger 8.0
02272014/07/16Space Jam 1996Joe Pytka 5.0Yes
02262014/06/25My Kid Could Paint That 2007Amir Bar-Lev 7.5
02252014/06/25This is the End 2013Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg 8.5Yes
02242014/06/2522 Jump Street 2014Phil Lord & Chris Miller 6.5 Yes
02232014/06/1821 Jump Street 2012Phil Lord & Chris Miller 6.5Yes
02222014/06/08Back to the Future Part III 1990Robert Zemeckis 9.0Yes
02212014/06/07Step Brothers 2008Adam McKay 6.5Yes
02202014/06/03Back to the Future 1985Robert Zemeckis 10Yes
02192014/06/03Milk 2008Gus Van Sant 8.5Yes
02182014/05/25X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014Bryan Singer 7.0 Yes
02172014/05/25X-Men: First Class 2011Matthew Vaughn 6.5Yes
02162014/05/20The World's End 2013Edgar Wright 6.0
02152014/05/19Godzilla 2014Gareth Edwards 6.0 Yes
02142014/05/17Turner and Hooch 1989Roger Spottiswoode 5.0
02132014/05/17Beasts of the Southern Wild 2012Benh Zeitlin 7.0
02122014/05/16Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II 1993Takao Okawara 5.5
02112014/05/04Inside Llewyn Davis 2013Joel & Ethan Coen 4.5
02102014/05/04Inception 2010Christopher Nolan 10Yes
02092014/04/20Her 2013Spike Jonze 9.5Yes
02082014/04/12Deliverance 1972John Boorman 5.0
02072014/04/10The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014Wes Anderson 6.0 Yes
02062014/03/29Star Trek 2009J. J. Abrams 9.5Yes
02052014/03/15Veronica Mars 2014Rob Thomas 6.0
02042014/03/14Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues 2013Adam McKay 5.0
02032014/02/12The Money Pit 1986Richard Benjamin 6.0
02022014/02/11Captain Phillips 2013Paul Greengrass 6.5
02012014/02/01Dallas Buyers Club 2013Jean-Marc Vallée 8.0
02002014/01/31Leon: The Professional 1994Luc Besson 8.0
01992014/01/25Stranger than Fiction 2006Marc Forster 7.0Yes
01982014/01/21Back to the Future 1985Robert Zemeckis 10Yes
01972014/01/20Rush 2013Ron Howard 6.0
01962014/01/11Her 2013Spike Jonze 9.5
01952013/12/27American Hustle 2013David O. Russell 6.0 Yes
01942013/12/25The Wolf of Wall Street 2013Martin Scorsese 8.0 Yes
01932013/12/20Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 2010Edgar Wright 6.5Yes
01922013/12/16The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 2013Peter Jackson 3.5 Yes
01912013/12/1112 Years a Slave 2013Steve McQueen 7.5 Yes
01902013/12/06Anger Management 2003Peter Segal 5.0Yes
01892013/12/01Winter's Bone 2010Debra Granik 3.0
01882013/11/29The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013Francis Lawrence 7.5 Yes
01872013/11/20Mrs. Doubtfire 1993Chris Columbus 8.0
01862013/11/19Sixteen Candles 1984John Hughes 5.5
01852013/11/10Up 2009Pete Docter 9.0Yes
01842013/11/03American History X 1998Tony Kaye 9.0Yes
01832013/11/02Paranormal Activity 2 2010Tod Williams 3.5Yes
01822013/10/31Friday the 13th 1980Sean S. Cunningham 4.0Yes
01812013/10/22Ghostbusters 1984Ivan Reitman 6.0
01802013/10/21Iron Man 3 2013Shane Black 5.0
01792013/10/21Machete 2010Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis 6.0Yes
01782013/10/20Inglourious Basterds 2009Quentin Tarantino 10Yes
01772013/10/20Army of Darkness 1992Sam Raimi 5.0
01762013/10/14The Heat 2013Paul Feig 5.5
01752013/10/08The Conjuring 2013James Wan 4.0
01742013/10/06Gravity 2013Alfonso Cuarón 7.5 Yes
01732013/09/30Don Jon 2013Joseph Gordon-Levitt 5.0 Yes
01722013/09/30Moneyball 2011Bennett Miller 8.5Yes
01712013/09/09Now You See Me 2013Louis Leterrier 5.0
01702013/08/30The Notebook 2004Nick Cassavetes 8.0
01692013/08/25Independence Day 1996Roland Emmerich 9.5Yes
01682013/08/19Sharknado 2013Anthony C. Ferrante 3.5
01672013/08/15Thankskilling 2009Jordan Downey 3.5
01662013/08/13Elysium 2013Neill Blomkamp 4.0 Yes
01652013/08/10Hit and Run 2012Dax Shepard & David Palmer 5.5
01642013/07/30WALL-E 2008Andrew Stanton 10Yes
01632013/07/22Turn Me On, Dammit! 2011Jannicke Systad Jacobsen 4.0
01622013/07/19The Big Lebowski 1998Joel & Ethan Coen 10 Yes
01612013/06/30Tommy Boy 1995Peter Segal 6.0Yes
01602013/06/30Ace Venture: Pet Detective 1994Tom Shadyac 5.5Yes
01592013/06/26Inglourious Basterds 2009Quentin Tarantino 10Yes
01582013/06/24World War Z 2013Marc Forster 6.0 Yes
01572013/06/17This is the End 2013Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg 8.5 Yes
01562013/05/17Star Trek Into Darkness 2013J. J. Abrams 8.5 Yes
01552013/05/15Pineapple Express 2008David Gordon Green 7.0Yes
01542013/05/15Rush Hour 2 2001Brett Ratner 6.5Yes
01532013/05/15Star Trek 2009J. J. Abrams 9.5Yes
01522013/05/13The Great Gatsby 2013Baz Luhrmann 5.5 Yes
01512013/05/11Side Effects 2013Steven Soderbergh 6.5 Yes
01502013/05/06I Love You Man 2009John Hamburg 8.0Yes
01492013/05/04Juno 2007Jason Reitman 6.5Yes
01482013/04/09The Sessions 2012Ben Lewin 5.5
01472013/04/07Pretty in Pink 1986Howard Deutch 5.5
01462013/04/06Premium Rush 2012David Koepp 5.0
01452013/03/10Oz the Great and Powerful 2013Sam Raimi 4.5 Yes
01442013/03/08Inception 2010Christopher Nolan 10Yes
01432013/03/04Wanderlust 2012David Wain 3.5
01422013/02/18Paranormal Activity 4 2012Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost 2.0
01412013/02/17On the Road 2012Walter Salles & Sam Riley 2.5
01402013/02/10Argo 2012Ben Affleck 5.5
01392013/02/10Wreck-it-Ralph 2012Rich Moore 4.0
01382013/02/09Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2008Nicholas Stoller 6.5Yes
01372013/02/02Silver Linings Playbook 2012David O. Russell 7.0
01362013/02/02Warm Bodies 2013Jonathan Levine 6.5 Yes
01352013/01/26Bridesmaids 2011Paul Feig 5.0Yes
01342013/01/21Bachelorette 2012Leslye Headland 4.5
01332013/01/21Jeff, Who Lives at Home 2012Mark Duplass & Jay Duplass 6.0
01322013/01/21Gangster Squad 2013Ruben Fleischer 5.5 Yes
01312013/01/19Seven Psychopaths 2012Martin McDonagh 3.5
01302013/01/18Zero Dark Thirty 2012Kathryn Bigelow 6.5 Yes
01292013/01/10National Lampoon's Vacation 1983Harold Ramis 6.5Yes
01282013/01/08The Expendables 2 2012Simon West 3.5
01272013/01/06This is 40 2012Judd Apatow 7.5 Yes
01262012/12/31The Perks of Being a Wallflower 2012Stephen Chbosky 8.5
01252012/12/29Django Unchained 2012Quentin Tarantino 10 Yes
01242012/12/25Les Miserables 2012Tom Hooper 3.0 Yes
01232012/12/18The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 2012Peter Jackson 5.0 Yes
01222012/12/11Fanboys 2007Kyle Newman 3.0
01212012/12/09Flight 2012Robert Zemeckis 7.0 Yes
01202012/12/03Layer Cake 2004Matthew Vaughn 5.0
01192012/12/02Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012Timur Bekmambetov 3.5
01182012/12/01For a Good Time, Call... 2012Jamie Travis 6.0
01172012/11/24Lincoln 2012Steven Spielberg 6.5 Yes
01162012/11/23Rise of the Guardians 2012Peter Ramsey 3.0 Yes
01152012/11/16Dr. No 1962Terence Young 6.5Yes
01142012/11/14Little Miss Sunshine 2006Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris 9.0
01132012/11/11Ted 2012Seth MacFarlane 3.0
01122012/11/11Casino Royale 2006Martin Campbell 9.0Yes
01112012/11/09Skyfall 2012Sam Mendes 7.5 Yes
01102012/11/02Safety Not Guaranteed 2012Colin Trevorrow 5.5
01092012/10/14The Master 2012Paul Thomas Anderson 3.0 Yes
01082012/09/28Looper 2012Rian Johnson 5.0 Yes
01072012/09/19Lawless 2012John Hillcoat 5.5 Yes
01062012/09/05Horrible Bosses 2011Seth Gordon 6.5Yes
01052012/09/02The Amazing Spider-Man 2012Marc Webb 5.5 Yes
01042012/09/01I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997Jim Gillespie 3.0Yes
01032012/08/31The Naked Gun 2 1/2 1991David Zucker 5.5Yes
01022012/08/31The Princess Bride 1987Rob Reiner 6.5
01012012/08/31Major League 1989David S. Ward 6.5Yes
01002012/08/18Back to the Future Part III 1990Robert Zemeckis 9.0Yes
00992012/08/18Back to the Future Part II 1989Robert Zemeckis 9.5Yes
00982012/08/17Back to the Future 1985Robert Zemeckis 10Yes
00972012/08/11Total Recall 2012Len Wiseman 0.5 Yes
00962012/08/10Aliens 1986Ridley Scott 4.5
00952012/08/08What About Bob? 1991Frank Oz 8.0Yes
00942012/08/05Philadelphia 1993Jonathan Demme 8.0
00932012/08/04Big 1988Penny Marshall 8.0
00922012/07/28Forrest Gump 1994Robert Zemeckis 10Yes
00912012/07/22The Mist 2007Frank Darabont 2.5
00902012/07/22Inception 2010Christopher Nolan 10Yes
00892012/07/20The Dark Knight Rises 2012Christopher Nolan 8.5 Yes
00882012/07/15The Dark Knight 2008Christopher Nolan 9.5Yes
00872012/07/14Batman Begins 2005Christopher Nolan 5.0
00862012/07/13The Lorax 2012Chris Renaud & Kyle Balda 5.0 Yes
00852012/07/08The Wrestler 2008Darren Aronofsky 8.0Yes
00842012/07/07The Dictator 2012Larry Charles 4.5 Yes
00832012/07/07The Pirates! Band of Misfits 2012Peter Lord & Jeff Newitt 4.0 Yes
00822012/07/03The Shining 1980Stanley Kubrick 5.5
00812012/07/02Moonrise Kingdom 2012Wes Anderson 8.5 Yes
00802012/07/01The Evil Dead 1981Sam Raimi 3.5
00792012/07/01The Incredibles 2004Brad Bird 6.5Yes
00782012/06/26Brave 2012Brenda Chapman & Mark Andrews 6.5 Yes
00772012/06/22The Cabin in the Woods 2012Joss Whedon 5.5 Yes
00762012/06/20Easy A 2010Will Gluck 6.5Yes
00752012/06/17Slumdog Millionaire 2008Danny Boyle 6.5Yes
00742012/06/10Prometheus 2012Ridley Scott 9.0 Yes
00732012/06/08Thor 2011Kenneth Branagh 4.5
00722012/06/03Alien 1979Ridley Scott 5.0
00712012/05/2521 Jump Street 2012Phil Lord & Chris Miller 6.5 Yes
00702012/05/24Serenity 2005Joss Whedon 9.0Yes
00692012/05/23Superman Returns 2006Bryan Singer 4.0
00682012/05/12Dark Shadows 2012Tim Burton 2.5 Yes
00672012/05/06Horrible Bosses 2011Seth Gordon 6.5Yes
00662012/05/05Get Him to the Greek 2010Nicholas Stoller 6.0Yes
00652012/05/04Marvel's The Avengers 2012Joss Whedon 6.5 Yes
00642012/04/30The Five-Year Engagement 2012Nicholas Stoller 5.5 Yes
00632012/04/27Catch Me If You Can 2002Steven Spielberg 9.5Yes
00622012/04/27Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2008Nicholas Stoller 6.5Yes
00612012/04/20I Love You Man 2009John Hamburg 8.0Yes
00602012/04/11Pineapple Express 2008David Gordon Green 7.0
00592012/03/23The Hunger Games 2012Gary Ross 3.0 Yes
00582012/03/13Role Models 2008David Wain 8.0Yes
00572012/03/13Role Models 2008David Wain 8.0Yes
00562012/03/10Bad Santa 2003Terry Zwigoff 8.0Yes
00552012/03/09Beginners 2011Mike Mills 5.0
00542012/03/08The Ides of March 2011George Clooney 5.5
00532012/03/06Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close 2012Stephen Daldry 6.5
00522012/03/04Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 2005George Lucas 7.0
00512012/03/04Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 2002George Lucas 5.0
00502012/03/04Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 1999George Lucas 5.0
00492012/03/03Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi 1983Richard Marquand 8.5
00482012/03/03Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 1980Irvin Kershner 9.5
00472012/03/02Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 1977George Lucas 9.0Yes
00462012/02/29The Pianist 2002Roman Polanski 6.5
00452012/02/24In Time 2011Andrew Niccol 5.5Yes
00442012/02/22The Adventures of Tintin 2011Steven Spielberg 5.0
00432012/02/20Inside Job 2010Charles Ferguson 4.5
00422012/02/20The Muppets 2011James Bobin 6.5
00412012/02/19The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo 2011David Fincher 4.0
00402012/02/18Clash of the Titans 2010Louis Leterrier 1.0
00392012/02/18Tower Heist 2011Brett Ratner 2.0
00382012/02/17Paranormal Activity 3 2011Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost 4.0
00372012/02/17The Green Hornet 2011Michel Gondry 4.5
00362012/02/12It's Kind of a Funny Story 2010Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden 4.0
00352012/02/1230 Minutes or Less 2011Ruben Fleischer 4.0
00342012/02/11In Time 2011Andrew Niccol 5.5
00332012/02/09Thank You For Smoking 2005Jason Reitman 7.5Yes
00322012/02/09The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2004Wes Anderson 5.0
00312012/02/07Chronicle 2012Josh Trank 5.0
00302012/01/31Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009Wes Anderson 5.5
00292012/01/30A Smile as Big as the Moon 2012James Steven Sadwith 3.0
00282012/01/28An Education 2009Lone Scherfig 5.5
00272012/01/27The Descendants 2011Alexander Payne 5.5
00262012/01/26Lost in Translation 2003Sofia Coppola 4.5
00252012/01/26The Darjeeling Limited 2007Wes Anderson 4.5
00242012/01/25Get Smart 2008Peter Segal 3.0
00232012/01/25The Hangover Part II 2011Todd Phillips 2.5
00222012/01/25Due Date 2010Todd Phillips 2.0
00212012/01/24The Artist 2011Michael Hazanavicius 9.0
00202012/01/23Trainspotting 1996Danny Boyle 2.0
00192012/01/23American Psycho 2000Mary Harron 6.5Yes
00182012/01/22Donnie Darko 2001Richard Kelly 8.5
00172012/01/21A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 2011Todd Strauss-Schulson 3.0
00162012/01/18Another Earth 2011Mike Cahill 6.0
00152012/01/17Sherlock Holmes 2009Guy Ritchie 4.5
00142012/01/17Win Win 2011Tom McCarthy 6.0
00132012/01/15Moneyball 2011Bennett Miller 8.5
00122012/01/13Midnight in Paris 2011Woody Allen 6.0
00112012/01/13Contagion 2011Steven Soderbergh 5.0
00102012/01/13Real Steel 2011Shawn Levy 4.5
00092012/01/06Hoosiers 1986David Anspaugh 6.0
00082012/01/05Remember the Titans 2000Boaz Yakin 4.0
00072012/01/04Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998Terry Gilliam 5.0
00062012/01/04Casino Royale 2006Martin Campbell 9.0Yes
00052012/01/03City Lights 1931Charlie Chaplin 3.5
00042012/01/02There Will Be Blood 2007Paul Thomas Anderson 9.0
00032012/01/02AI - Artificial Intelligence 2001Steven Spielberg 5.5Yes
00022012/01/01Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011Rupert Wyatt 6.0Yes
00012012/01/01Drive 2011Nicholas Winding Refn 3.5